The Best Binoculars under 150 Dollars

General Description- The Hooway 7×50 Waterproof Floating Military Marine Binocular is the best Bang for Your Buck general purpose binocular. Sold on Amazon here. This medium size Hooway is completely waterproof and also floats in water, make sure that you have the yellow neck-strap attached so that you can more easily spot the binoculars in the water. Fog proof and durable. Super clear and crisp image. There is a built-in illuminated compass and an internal range finding reticle (scale) superimposed upon the view to help you calculate distance or the size of objects.

What does the 7×50 Mean?- The 7 is the magnification power, 7x magnification for these Hooway Binoculars. Making the view through these binoculars appear 7 times closer than it appears to the naked eye. The 50 refers to the diameter of the objective of the front lens in millimeters. The larger the front lens are, the more light that can get into the Binoculars. A larger front lens is better in low light situations.

Magnification- These Hooway Binoculars have 7x magnification. This is the perfect magnification when working or playing on the water. Higher magnifications do not work well in higher sea states because it would be difficult to maintain sight on your object in higher sea states with higher magnifications. If you plan on using your binoculars for land only, you may want a higher magnification.
For bird watching, a 10x is better for distance birding. But, a 10x means more noticeable hand shake and a narrower field of view. The field of view for these Hooway 7x binoculars are 396 feet at 1000 yards. A 10x binocular will give you about a 294 feet field of view at 1000 yards.
For hunting, most experts agree that a 10×42 binocular is best. And if you live in a dry area, you may not need the waterproofing that the Hooway Binoculars provide.

AntiFog- The Hooway Binoculars are dry nitrogen-purged and completely sealed. Good binoculars have their interior filled with nitrogen. In a nitrogen purge, ultra dry nitrogen with a dew point of -70 degrees Celsius is introduced under pressure into the optics of the binoculars to remove moisture and create a very dry internal environment. The concept of a nitrogen purge is essentially to “squeeze” the internal components like a sponge to remove any residual humidity or moisture out of the system and then seal it up to keep the internal cavity moisture-free during its operational life.

Range Finder- This is not a laser range finder. It is an optical range finder, a scale, superimposed upon the view, the right eye view. There is no way to “turn off” this scale. You must know the height or the width of the object you are ranging and then make calculations to determine the distance to the object. In the manual, are instructions on how to calculate the distance to an object. The equation to calculate the distance to an object is: D = OH/Mil times 1000. Where D is the distance to the object, OH is the Object Height, and Mil is the height of the object as it appears in the lens. In these Hooway Binoculars, a 10 on the internal scale equals 10 mils, a 20 equals 20 mils, etc.

Durability- Non-slip rubber armor absorbs shock & provides a firm grip.

Compass- The compass shows in just the right eye. The compass is illuminated for use at night but needs batteries in order to use the illumination. A compass is useful for boating purposes. Great for getting your bearings on a object by using binoculars with a built in compass.

Focusing Mechanism-
Each eyepiece on the Hooway Binoculars is focused individually. Most marine binoculars are of the individual focus type. This negates the need to focus every time you use the binoculars. Once adjusted, everything past a certain distance will be in focus. The other type of Focusing Mechanism is center focus. Center focus has one focus knob that changes the focus on both eyepieces. If you are sharing the binoculars with others, center focus is advantageous and easier to use.

Colors- There are 6 different colors: Army Black, Army Blue, Army Green, Army Yellow, HD Army Black, and HD Army Green.

Package Includes- The Binoculars, a Floating Foam Strap, a Carrying bag, and a Lens cloth. The carrying bag is a standard canvas-like material. A tripod adapter fitting for tripod mounting for increased stability. The weight of the binoculars are 2.2 lbs.

Cons- I tried to mention the cons with the information above. Other cons include that the lens caps fall off easily. This may not be a problem if you keep the binoculars in the included carry case when not in use.